We build our own versions of classic games like Space Invaders and Pacman, designed to be broken apart and recreated...no actual games were harmed in the making of this club!

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Our unique online coding club where you learn to "hack" popular games!

With the guidance of our mentors make games your own

OMG! I'm totally new to this, and in a few weeks, I've built my very first game. This is amazing!

Our online coding clubs are supported by mentors so children can learn to code

'Hacking' with online mentors!

The best way to learn to code - the perfect club for beginner and intermediate coders!

Learning to code can be dry and hard to engage with. Our Game Dev Clubs are designed to unleash the coding creativity in you by using your love of gaming and developing skills for life!


Learn to code...accidentally!

One of our mentors will give you a call to find out about you and make sure we book you into the right session. Then on the day of your chosen session, just log in and join us!


Simple drag and drop code to create, and "hack" your own games with fully chat and video support from our zone leaders

Learn to code using block based code, before progressing to Python


Want a flamethrower as your laser? Invincibility against the hordes of space invaders you're about to face? Go ahead! We'll help you create the perfect version of your favourite game!


Play your newly created game and challenge our Code Zone mentors to beat your high score!


Share your newly created game with other members in the club and show off all the fantastic 'hack's you've made to your game!

Share games your children have built with other members of the code club


Block-based coding (in Scratch) suits beginner and intermediate coders - but when you are reaching the limits and want to push it further...it's time to level up!

Our next level, "Game Dev Modder", is designed to introduce you to written coding languages - you will learn what happens underneath the blocks they are writing, and our mentors will help you transition from working in blocks, to writing code - using that knowledge you have gathered!

Find out more about the next level of coding club

I love doing creative things, and Game Dev Club has been the perfect balance of learning about code & working on the design side!

Your Game Dev Club for Grownups "Hacker" mentors

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