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Millie - Local coding club Mentor

Millie runs coding and gaming clubs in Saffron Walden, Cambridge, Haverhill and Bishop's Stortford

Meet Millie, a vibrant force in the world of Scratch coding and gaming. Armed with a palette of colorful code blocks, Millie crafts digital wonders that captivate and engage. Her Scratch projects are a testament to her ingenuity, seamlessly blending logic and creativity to breathe life into interactive stories and captivating games. Millie is not just a coder; she is a storyteller in the digital realm, leaving her mark on the Scratch community with every click and command.

Beyond the lines of code, Millie is an avid gamer, navigating virtual landscapes with skill and enthusiasm. Whether embarking on epic quests or facing off in competitive battles, Millie approaches gaming with a strategic mindset honed by her coding endeavors. The synergy between her coding prowess and gaming strategy defines Millie's digital identity, making her a standout presence in both the coding and gaming spheres. With Millie at the helm, the intersection of code and gaming becomes a playground for endless possibilities and boundless creativity.

Where pixels become stories and code transforms into epic adventures   

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