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Patrick - Game Dev Club Mentor

Patrick is a Game Dev Club mentor, Scratch Enthusiast and Craziness Enjoyer

Hi there! Since the day I first picked up a video game (New Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo DS, for the record), I’ve been fascinated with them – the bright designs, the chip-tune music, and the freedom of exploring a world in a box. I could often be found doodling designs for games and levels that I tried constantly to explain to my peers, though I had no way to make them a reality. A few years later at school I’d learn how to code with Scratch – and 8 years down the line, I’ve returned to Scratch with a passion, and most importantly the skills to turn those game ideas into something real!


In our clubs, I love to provide support for our members as they learn, and encouragement of both coding progress as well as crazy ideas and whacky gameplay – in my opinion, sometimes the best games are the ones full of the weirdest bugs! And of course, I love to encourage a good laugh too, to make our projects as memorable as they are fun.


In my free time I love to write fiction and poetry, sing, and cuddle my cats – even the one who likes to bite me, much to the detriment of my hands… And of course, I love gaming – I’m a huge fan of the Metroid series as well as similar games like Hollow Knight :D

Oopsie daisies, looks like you’ve deleted all your code. Hang tight, I’ll fix it…  

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