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Game Dev Club mentor, Mario Kart Expert and Wannabe Speedrunner

I've loved video games for as long as I can remember, the first game I ever played was Pikmin on the GameCube and I've loved Nintendo games ever since, so it makes sense that I've ended up working with games as an adult. Before becoming a mentor I'd had some experience with coding at school and uni, but The Code Zone is where I learned how to turn my ideas into actual tangible games using Scratch! My favourite thing about mentoring my clubs is hearing all of the weird and wonderful ideas that our Hackers want to put into their projects, and I love the challenge that comes from helping them implement those ideas.


Outside of The Code Zone I'm super passionate about film and have recently been working towards a masters in Film Studies! I also love to crochet, read, play Dungeons and Dragons, and obviously play loads of video games; some of my favourites include Stardew Valley, Skyrim, and The Legend of Zelda series!

Turning codes in to games like a Pikmin herder on caffeine!

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