Target Practice

by Jude07

To play the game "Target Practice", you have 60 seconds get as many points as you can by hitting various targets. The further away from the bow the mouse is, the further away the arrow will go. Successfully hitting the target will grant you 100 points. There are also two dragons (green and red.) Successfully shooting the green dragon will give you an extra 10 seconds added to the timer, and successfully shooting the red dragon will give you 1000 points, 10x the amount of points that you would be granted if you shot a simple target. However, dragons don't appear as often as simple targets, and they aren't stationary - they move quickly, which makes them significantly harder to get. Also, red dragons appear less often than the green dragon. The aim of the game is to get as many points as you can, trying to beat your previous high score. Have fun playing!

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