Coding for Grown-Ups!

Since 2019, The Code Zone has been inspiring passion for coding in people of all ages.

Coding for Grown-Ups

Our team takes great pride and joy in witnessing learners' 'eureka!' moments as they transition from novices to accomplished gaming architects. We firmly believe in the universal potential to master this digital language, regardless of age or background.

In light of this, we recently launched a series of pilot sessions tailored for adults ready to embark on their own coding journeys. The response has been overwhelming. We're thrilled to see our belief reinforced that it's never too late to learn the art of coding.

Our new members have come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are parents of our Hack and Mod club members, who were eager to gain a deeper understanding of what their children have been working on. In the words of one of our attendees, George, "I really enjoyed the session, I'm totally blown away by the extent of the content on the platform, and my son was really excited to see me do it too".

More feedback from another of our attendees, Tina, was that "the session was amazing and I learnt a lot in an hour. The mentor, Ashley was brilliant; he explained everything so clearly and made the session super fun and engaging!"

 We are immensely pleased to create a hub of learning that fosters shared experiences among families and   friends. Code is, at its core, a collaborative game, and we eagerly anticipate the exciting projects that will   emerge from these coding adventures.

 These sessions are designed for everyone. Whether you're interested in game development but don't know   where to start, or you're keen to delve into program architecture, our community offers the ideal environment for growth.


Tom, a recent participant, was so excited by his experience that he said, "I never thought coding could be this much fun! The online coding club at The Code Zone has opened up a whole new world for me. The live sessions and collaborative projects have sparked my creativity and passion for game development. I'm hooked!"

Our proven track record in advancing competence levels of coders across the country, engaging weekly group sessions, and constant support from mentors makes us the ideal platform for all who aspire to learn. We look forward to welcoming you to the world of code.

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