Game Jam Round Up: Don't Go Outside

Starting 2024 off with a Big Ol' Game Jam!

Game Jam Round Up: Don't Go Outside!

We started the year off with another Game Jam! For all the new Code Zone followers, we often have Game Jams throughout the year to hone our coding and creative game making skills. A Game Jam will always come with a theme and a blank project for you to create whatever comes to mind. 

This Winter Game Jam certainly got our creative gears moving with the theme,”Don’t Go Outside!” From games including “Oh no! You’re Outside…”, “Mouse Madness!”,”Spaceman Adventure!” and “Don’t Go Outside or Else!”, we are super chuffed at this year's game submissions! We’ve seen games that are super goofy with sound designs and others with cool new animations. Some games were spooky! And others left us giggling in our swivel chairs. 

Wondering how to join the next Game Jam? Keep an eye out in your dashboard and one our Facebook page for Game Jam updates. The next Game Jam will be out in a few weeks. We encourage all Game Jamers to start saving up your coding skills and fun ideas for the next round!

Take a look below at our Game Jam submissions. Well done Coders!



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