Holly's Weekly Roundup

Have you heard of a Unimouse?  Well...this week we discovered it in one of our Game Dev Clubs!  Read more...

Holly's round up Jan 16th

This week was my first time, personally, hearing "How did you get this job? Honestly, I just want to do what you do!" from a child and my heart just about melted.

I'm so grateful to be able to see your children develop every week on their coding journeys, and see their enthusiasm for it flourish as they discover something they feel great at. As I said to Arthur - there will always be a place at The Code Zone for any of our young coders!

We can't wait to celebrate the day a club attendee becomes a Mentor. This week's marble-tilting-hole-dodging game, Holey Roley, saw the birth of the mythical Unimouse!

I loved Livia's art this week, she always has great ideas to transform the games, her magical mouse run was a treat.

I'm very much looking forward to this week - this genuinely is the best job!

See you soon!




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