Holly's Round up 6th March

Another busy week training new mentors & new clubs!

Holly's Round Up March 6th

Hello Code Zone parents!

As mentors, we're here to help your children bring their ideas to life through code; we love every power-up, puzzle, minute and monster! ( Especially the monsters. )  And we have so much fun doing it!

The clubs have been high energy this week too. One Code Zone child, we'll call him 'R' to protect his identity, stunned us all by 'hacking' Wordle and telling us tomorrows word, and in the morning we checked of course...and he was right!

There were also some amazing "Token Tumble" hacks in our game dev clubs this week: 

A personal favourite was Caio's, with a super cool dude eating strawberries as they tumbled down, awesome stuff!

It's also been really busy here too with new clubs and new mentors.  Ant, Dell, Caitlin and Zoë have all joined the mentor team!  Hello!  You may well have already met them all while I've been off, or on the chat too.  This has also been my last week as I'm off to work in the games industry.  I love The Code Zone and will be checking back in regularly to see how it's going.  The Code Zone team is truly one of the best tribes of people, we all have so much fun and everyone brings their own unique experience, energy and ideas to keep things fresh and fun for you child while they learn.

And lastly, a quick badge update - the Stars in Spring badges are going down a storm, with a few children already making it to Gold!  The children can collect stars by completing code and 'hacks' :)

I hope you have a good weekend, despite the rain here, and we'll see you next week!

Holly :)


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