Tom's Round-Up March 13th

A little recap on Jungle Run plus what's coming next week!

Tom's Round up March 13th


Hope you're well. It's me (Tom) again.

I like to try and keep some variety in the different games we do week to week. With Token Tumble having included lots of complex ball physics, I felt exploring a Jungle in an exciting new infinite runner, Jungle Run, would provide a nice change of pace.

Pranav gave the game a nice little twist by making his a homage to the classic mobile game Temple Run. Alongside the graphical tweaks, there was some nice balance changes and a super cool start menu added as well. As someone who spent many hours playing Temple Run on my iPod touch, I was a big fan of Pranav's version.

I also had the pleasure of helping Lincoln with his Among Us project. He managed to get the map and movement down so it was all very satisfying to see the characters running around the place whilst he was testing it.                                                     

Coming up, we have Haunted Forest, a spooky memory game. Remember where the skulls are and pick your way through the map. 

We're about halfway through the Stars in Spring badge so hop on and get hacking for some bonus star towards the gold badge!

As always, shout if you need us!

Take care,

Tom! :slightly_smiling_face:


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