Virtual After School Coding Club Launches as Pandemic Wipes Out Children’s Activities

The Code Zone has launched a virtual coding club in response to Covid-19 safety measures wiping out children’s after school activities.

Virtual Coding Club Launches as Pandemic Wipes Out Children’s Activities

Tech start-up, The Code Zone, is transforming their in-person after school clubs into a virtual learning platform to continue teaching and encouraging young learners despite the global pandemic.

In 2019, founders of tech company noticed a gap in the curriculum for computer coding and created 11 clubs across Cambridgeshire, Essex and Suffolk. 10 new club locations were due to launch when the nationwide lockdown began, meaning the company needed to adapt and pivot their business model to reach its customers.

Co-Founder and Operations Lead of The Code Zone, Ashley Payne, said, “Whilst we had always planned for an online format, the pandemic accelerated the concept. It made strong sense to replicate The Code Zone online, given the huge surge in home learning platforms and applications because of the Covid-19 situation.”

Payne continued, “The After-School Hangout seemed like the natural next addition for our online platform given the lack of social opportunities available to children under current circumstances. Children will gain a real sense of achievement from the club’s challenges. It’s so important that we don’t let our children get left behind and we give them something to look forward to.”

The company believe children should remain connected and curious despite the dwindling activities available and aim to build a community of young creatives in a safe and fascinating outlet.

The after-school coding club is hosted online between the times of 3pm and 7pm Monday to Friday for children aged 6-14. Weekly challenges are set, including coding your own arcade game, and all communal chat areas monitored by The Code Zone team.


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