Stars in Spring!

A new term has begun and we're heading out of the snowy season and in to Spring where there are tonnes of stars to collect over the next 6 weeks!

Stars in Spring

2022 is well underway now!  We've had a fantastic Winter Warriors term, a 2 week sprint with The Winter Olympics and now, as the weather begins to get warmer (could someone let the actual weather know please) we head in to the second half term of 2022 and in to spring!

We have a new set of badges to collect over the next 6 weeks - a fantastic hare, the silver fox and (our favourite) the super chill deer.

I've been asked a few times recently how to collect stars, and it's super simple!  All you have to do is complete projects - we've got different categories (games, animations, simulations and the basics) and every week we add new projects for you!  So there are plenty of stars out there - if you complete every featured project you will get at least the silver fox!

To get the gold badge (our majestic chill deer) you're going to need to go a little further though - to collect even more stars you need to Hack those projects!  Make them unique, make them your own, and make them...broken!  A great place to do this is in the Game Dev Club - chat to your mentor to get inspiration and they'll award you loads of extra stars!  If you have a membership you can also chat to us at any time during the week and we'll help you with any hack ideas you have, and dish out those stars of course!

So, time to get coding!  There are some super projects to start with, and let us know if you need any help!


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