Shadowy Shootout

We are back at it again this week modding our Shadowy Shootout game

Shadowy Shootout
In this game, we as the player have to survive waves of ghost enemies by running through our maze and blasting them away. This game uses a Ray Cast 3D Render extension which transforms our usual top-down tile maps into a full 3D game! There's also lots of fun coding piece in this extension including the ability to toggle your game from 3D back to top-down view. It also offers some sprite animation which manipulates the sprite's 'Z' axis to give the illusion of movement - very cool 🙂
For this week's Guided Hack, we decided to give our maze an upgrade in addition to the bomb upgrade we gave our player last week. We added some doors to our maze so that our player can escape through them. Using on-overlap coding blocks, we coded it so that ONLY a Player-Kind sprite can activate the doorway tiles which open the door - but no other Sprite-Kind can meaning that ghosts are barred from using the escape routes! We saw all sorts of cool doors today from colourful portals to metal trap doors; anything to keep those pesky ghosts away.
Taking the on-overlap code we used today in our game engine, we worked on our 'On Overlap Tile' Coding Skill at the end of the session. This coding skill gets us writing in Python and using variables, functions and a scene.on_overlap_tile script, which changes the background once a certain Sprite-Kind steps on a certain tile. This is incredible useful for when we want sprites to interact with out Tilemap worlds.
If you ever need any help or advice on which Coding Skills to try out, just drop me a message in the Blue Chat Bubble - there's always a mentor on hand to help!


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